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Music Trivia Master is unlike most trivia games in that you’ll be able to select not just the difficulty level of your questions, but also the specific genres and decades, in ANY combination.

Playing the game is simple. You will only be asked questions that fit in the difficulty levels, genres, and decades that you’ve selected.


You will only accumulate points for questions you answer correctly. You have 20 seconds to answer each question. The faster you answer questions, the more points you receive.

Your score for correct questions will be based on the time you take to answer questions and the number of difficulty/genre/decade categories you have selected. If you’ve selected every category and correctly answer a question in 19 seconds, you will receive a lot more points than if you’d only selected three categories and answered in only 4 seconds.

Repeated Questions

We are adding more questions on a weekly basis, but you can reduce your chances of seeing repeated questions by choosing more categories.

Pausing The Game

By pausing your game you will not receive any points for the question where you paused.

High Scores

After you’ve completed or ended a game, your personal high score is automatically saved on your device.

You may submit your score into our online database of high scores to see your rank against other players. Separate rankings are kept for 10, 20, 50, and unlimited-question games.


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